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Why are we hosting Spa-Liday Soiree?

Updated: Mar 12

We would love to showcase everything that the spa offers in this event, but that isn't what this is about. Spa-Liday Soiree is about community. We want to bring people together, and host a warm gathering for anyone looking to prioritize self care.

It builds connections and brings people together during a time of year when many people are feeling the stress and pressure of the holidays. It lets us know that we are in fact not alone! No matter what path we are on, and although each journey or tradition may look different, people all need human connection.

Our first real event took place just a few weeks ago at Serenity Soothe Fest, it was a big hit! We served from a charcuterie board full of berries, assorted cheese, artisan crackers, a variety of spreads. We also purchased cookies from another local woman named Valerie who made the most beautiful pizzelles. We had sparkling cider, garnished with fresh NJ cranberries from a bog located in Hammonton NJ. Chair massages were offered in the lounge, and group reiki was offered upstairs in the yoga studio.

Conversations started blossoming, connections were made, snacks were enjoyed, and it brought strangers together. Sometimes it is hard to make organic connections with people in present day. With so much focus on technology and social media, it is easy to avoid actual authentic human connection. It is even more rare for people in our fast paced society to take a time out for their own self care. This wasn't a 10 day cruise in a tropical climate, but it was a mini wellness retreat that had total strangers engaging and making connections with one another.

The gratitude I have for the guests that came is beyond words, I am happy to have met each and every one of them. It makes me even more excited to host our next gathering Saturday December 16th from 4pm-6pm.

I am eager to see some familiar faces, and meet some new people too! I invite everyone to attend. RSVP by December 14th. Tickets are available for purchase online:

Spa-liday Soiree event at Townbank Tranquility Spa

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